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Prefinished Hardwood Floor installation Starting @ $ 2.25 sq.ft (labor only)


Most Pre-finished Hardwood flooring installations can be completed in one or two days.  Prefinished Hardwood floor installations are gaining popularity with both homeowners and Hardwood flooring contractors.  There are hundreds of Prefinished Hardwood flooring species available from a variety of manufacturers.   There are many different styles, widths and textures available now.  Pre-finished Hardwood flooring allows installations to be completed in about half the time of the standard site-finished Hardwood floor installation.  This can be a huge benefit for busy homeowners  who desire the beauty of a site finished hardwood floor but do not  have the time or flexibility to be out of the home while the sanding and finishing is being completed.  This can be especially true if you have small children or pets.  Prefinished Hardwood floor installation greatly cut the working time down and enables you to get back to normal activities within the home compared to the conventional site finished Hardwood floor installation.

There are some important differences between a Pre finished Hardwood floor installation and a Site finished Hardwood floor installation.  We have already covered the one main difference and that is the time it takes to have the Pre finished Hardwood floor installed as compared to the Site finished Hardwood floor.  Another important difference is in the finish coats that are applied.  A prefinished hardwood floor will have between 6-8 coats of UV cured finish applied this is normally an aluminum oxide finish that is incredibly durable hardwood floor finish.  Most manufacturer's also offer warranties on the wear through of the finish coats, some up to 50 years.  This may sound like an amazing warranty, but it does not cover dents, dings or scratches to the finish coat just that the finish will not wear through to the raw Hardwood floor.  As you can probably imagine that after 50 years of use in the home any hardwood floor will likely be showing signs of use such as ding, dents and scratches.  Normally after about 5-10 years even a well maintained floor would be due for a Re-finish because of  damage that occurs from normal every day use.  Pets, children, or dropping a can of soup out of the kitchen cabinet can certainly leave blemishes on your hardwood floor and over the years this damage can add up.  So one important thing to consider when comparing finish wear warranties is the likelihood that the Hardwood floor will need to be re-finished long before the warranty period is over not because the finish wore through to the bare hardwood floor but because of the normal wear and tear dents, and dings that occur with normal day to day activities.  This is true whether the Hardwood floor is a Prefinished Hardwood floor or a Site finished Hardwood floor.  The Site finished floor may only have between 2-4 coats of finish applied as compared to the 6-8 coats for the prefinished hardwood floor but both Hardwood floors regardless of the number of coats or type of finish are going to be damaged by dings, dents and scratches and will need to be re-finished at some point and chances are that it will be well before a 50 year warranty period expires.

Another difference to consider between a Prefinished hardwood floor installation and a Site finished Hardwood floor installation is the difference in the look of the Hardwood floor planks when they are installed.  Prefinished Hardwood floors have a small micro bevel on all four sides of the Hardwood floor plank.  This leaves a small indentation between each hardwood flooring plank.  Site finished Hardwood floor are square edge on all four sides of the hardwood floor plank.  After sanding and finishing the  Hardwood floor is smooth and flat with no indentations between the planks.   The small indentations between the Prefinished Hardwood floor planks are necessary because the prefinished hardwood floors do not get sanded flat after installation like a Site finished hardwood floor installation.  If the prefinished hardwood floor manufacture's used a completely square edge on the prefinished hardwood floor planks it would be possible that if individual planks do not lay completely on the same plane as one another when installed it would leave a sharp and dangerous edge on the plank that is slightly higher than the other.  This could happen even if the sub-floors are well with in spec for Hardwood floor installation.  Putting a micro bevel eases the edge just enough so that it is not a sharp square edge that could be harmful to bare feet.  That is the up-side of putting a bevel on the edges of each pre finished hardwood floor plank.  The down side is that each one of those micro bevels have a way of capturing dirt and can be more challenging to clean than a site finished Hardwood floor that is flat and smooth with no indentations between Hardwood floor planks.

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