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General Care For Hardwood Floors

  • Regularly sweep or vacuum the Hardwood floor to prevent sand or abrasive dust from accumulating and scratching the finish.
  • Place doormats outside and rugs inside at every entrance of the house, again to prevent sand or abrasive dust from  accumulating on the Hardwood floor.
  • Place a rug in front of the kitchen sink, kitchen working stations, and the dishwasher to protect the Hardwood floor from dropped kitchen accessories and from water or oily detergent spills.
  • Use adequate floor protection (Hardwood floor protector pads) under all furniture and chairs legs, in order to ease their movements and to prevent scratching the Hardwood floor.
  • The relative humidity level in your home must be maintained at 45% (i.e. 40-50%) throughout the year. Hardwood is a living substance which reacts to changes of relative humidity.  It absorbs or releases humidity according to seasons.  Consequently, its dimension changes. In summer, when humidity is at its highest, it is absorbed by the wood which then expands.  These variations can be minimized with proper ventilation, dehumidifying or heating.  In winter, on the other hand, when the heating system is on, the relative humidity level in the house is much lower.  It is then recommended to use a humidifier, in order to minimize extreme shrinkage effects.
  • Keep "high heel" shoes in good condition.  Damaged or worn high heels may expose a metal tip which will certainly damage your hardwood floor.
  • Protect your Hardwood floor against direct sunlight or any intense source of artificial lighting.  Over time, intense light will discolor exposed surfaces.  This phenomenon with Hardwood surfaces is normal and natural. The lighter the color of the natural Hardwood, the more apparent this phenomenon will be.


Maintaining a Surface Finish for Hardwood Floors

Surface finishes are very popular today because they are durable, water-resistant and require minimal maintenance. Surface finishes are blends of synthetic resins.  These finishes are most often referred to as urethanes or polyurethanes, and remain on the surface of the Hardwood floor to form a protective coating. They are generally available in high-gloss, semi-gloss and satin.

Dust mop, sweep or vacuum regularly.  Clean with a manufacturer's recommended no wax cleaner.  Recoat the Hardwood floor after sanding or buffing with a surface finish when cleaning no longer restores the shine.  The frequency of recoating Hardwood Floors depends on the amount of traffic.  A surface finished Hardwood floor should never be waxed.


Maintaining a Wax Finish for Hardwood Floors

Dust mop or vacuum regularly.  Buff to restore shine. Waxing may be necessary when buffing no longer restores shine.  Apply a cleaner and liquid wax specifically for Hardwood floors.  Apply the wax evenly, allow the Hardwood floor to dry and buff to the desired luster. If the hardwood floor has dirt build up or the wax is discolored, use a combination liquid cleaner/wax made specifically for Hardwood flooring.  Make sure it is solvent rather than water base. Spread the liquid cleaner/wax with a cloth or fine steel wool and rub gently to remove grime and old wax. Wipe the floor clean, let it dry for about 20 minutes and buff. Depending on the traffic, a properly maintained Hardwood floor should only need waxing once, or twice a year. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions carefully.

Maintaining Acrylic Impregnated Hardwood Floors

Acrylic Impregnated finishes are injected into the Hardwood to create a super hard, extremely durable floor. Acrylic Impregnated finishes are rarely used in residential applications. They most often are used in high traffic areas and commercial settings such as malls and restaurants.

Some acrylic impregnated Hardwood floors are coated with urethane.  For general cleaning, follow procedures for surface finishes.  For general cleaning non-urethane coated acrylic impregnated Hardwood floors, use a spray and buff system as recommended by the manufacturer.


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